Project Status

Status report includes following parts in addition to various texts and editable text areas.

Project Overview:

Project name
Test Cases
Number of cases. Total number of steps in parentheses.
Tested Coverage
Tested coverage for cases and executions.
Raw Passed Cov.
Raw passed coverage for cases and executions. If case has not been run in current test object, result from earlier test object is used.
Requirement Cov.
Percentage of requirements which have all cases passed. If requirement has no cases, it’s not passed. Also, all of case’s executions in the last test object (it was executed in) have to be passed for the requirement to pass.

Requirement Coverage:
Includes summary table of the requirement coverage report. See Requirement Coverage.

Testing Coverage:
Includes the Testing Coverage report with all priorities selected.

Defect Analysis:
Includes Open Defects and Open Defects Trend graphs of Defect Trend report.